Department of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is being done in the Chemotherapy Department.The department concluded the following activities :

  1. Clinical Anaesthesia : General Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia of all types extensively employed both for the benefit of patients and training of the resident staff.
  2. Anaesthesia Clinic : Pre-anaesthetic clinic held on weekdays in order to complete the pre-anaesthetic check up and investigation so as to minimise the stay of the patients in the hospital.
  3. Resuscitation Unit for the respiratory crippled : This unit has all required equipment including ventilators and respirators. Victims of drowning and various types of poisoning medical cases with respiratory dysfunctioning are brought for resuscitation from time to time and are actively managed in collaboration with the Department of Medicine.
  4. Long-standing protracted pain cases, including those of malignancy, are treated.

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Updated on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Application for Resident Cardiologist

Application for Resident Cardiologist

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Application for Registrar in Obs & Gynae Dept.

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