Swami Vivekananda Diagnostic Centre


Embedder (Hot & Cold) and Microtome
Tissue Processor
Bond Max IHC and ISH (Marker)
Cryostat with Ag Protect (Frozen Section)
DRS 2000 Autostainer
Faculty Room


HbA1C abd Thalassemia Screening
V parts Cell Counter
Pentahead Microscope
Coagulation Profile


ViteK2 Compact
Bact Alert 3D
Automated Autoclave
GenXpart Cepheid
O2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator


Cobas 6000 (Immuno Assay)
Vitros 4600 (Micro Slide Technology / Dry Chemistry)


Immage 800 (Nephlometry)
Architect i1000SR (Viral Profile)

The Diagnostic Centre has Clinical Pathology, Cytology, Serology, Bacteriology, Histopathology and Biochemistry. State-of-the-art modern day equipments are available for these Tests. All the diagnostic facilities are available at reasonable rates which the underprivileged can afford while having quality services.

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