Department of General Surgery

This department was started in 1956. Al1 types of surgical cases including thoracic, neuro, plastic and cardiovascular and maxillofacial cases were treated in the department. A11 types of operations like Cholecystetomy with or without choledocholithotomy, Liver surgeries like - (i) hydatid cyst of liver, (ii) simple cyst of liver, (iii) liver resection, Pancreatic surgery like - (i) LPJ, (ii) Frey's, (iii) Whipple's, Hemicolectomy, APR, AR, Appendiceotomy, Repair of Hernias - Inguinal & lncisional, Thyroid Surgeries - (i) Total, (ii) Near total & hemithyroidectomy, Breast Surgery - (i) MRM, Lumpectomy, Stomach Surgeries - (i) Total Gastractomy, (ii) Distal gastractomy, (iii) Gastrojejunostomy, Heller's operation, Lumbar Sympathectomy, Spleenectomy, Spleenocaval shunt with interposition of Dacrosguof, Cleft lip/palate, Osteotomy to correct jaw deformity, Condyletomy, removal of large cysts are conducted.

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