Department of Pediatrics

Care of newsborns under the able supervision of paediatricians has been the standing practice of this institution since its inception.

Neonatal Management :
Arrangements are made for proper care from the time of birth of all new-born babies under direct guidance of the paediatric unit. These are briefly as follows :
(i) All new-borns are thoroughly examined immediately after birth and daily record is kept for each of them.
(ii) All premature babies are kept in a separate unit of the nursery called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with arrangements for separate nursing and medical attention. The nursery, which is air-conditioned, has arrangements for segregation treatment of babies suffering from contagious diseases. Al1 high risk babies and those delivered instrumentally or found weak due to other causes are also kept in the nursery.

Postnatal care and follow up of Infants and Toddlers :
The aim is to follow up the infants for at least a couple of years and their illnesses are attended to in this clinic which is held on all weekdays. We1l Baby Clinic is held on weekly where the growth and development of the babies are assessed and mothers are instructed about mothercraft like feeding and management of their babies and advice is given regarding immunization with Primary Vaccination. Triple Antigen and Oral Polio Vaccine are given at special clinics. Since 1965, sick children under the age of seven years are being treated in the department. From 1974 those under 12 years are also treated.

The outdoor section is open on all weekdays.

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