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The need for training a sufficient number of nurses can hardly be overemphasized. One of the chief objects of the Seva Pratishthan has been to provide facilities forewarning in nursing and midwifery in a suitable atmosphere. The institution had been training midwives since its inception in 1932 and it was recognised as a training centre for Junior and Senior Midwives in 1944. When the institution expanded into a General Hospital in 1956, the school was recognised for the raining of Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives, later known as Multipurpose Health Workers, and in the following year for General Nurse-Midwives as well. The school has the capacity for training about 150 students. The Government of West Bengal has been helping the School regularly and is bearing a substantial portion of the cost of training of about 100 General Nurse-Midwives.

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Updated on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

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