VIMS Journal: December 2016


Aplastic Anemia Including Fanconi Anemia

- Dr. Madhusnata De

Original Article:

A Study of Coronary Artery Disease(CAD) Risk Behavior and The Effectof Planned Health Counseling onRisk Behavior of Selected Populationat Kolkata

- Dr. Sonali Ganguly

Incidence of Fanconi Anaemia inMorphologically Normal AplasticAnaemia Patients

- Ms. Atreyee Dutta,Dr. Rajib De,Dr. Tuphan Kanti Dolai,Ms. Shanoli Ghosh,Sri Akshay Ramesh Gore,Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra,Dr. Ajanta Halder

Review Article :

The Implications ofHypercobalaminemia in ClinicalPractice And Its Management -A Review

- Ms. Tirna Halder,Dr. Rinini Dastidar

Oxygen Therapy

- Dr. Tulsi Nag

Management of Acute Pancreatitis:Current Trend

- Dr. Gunjan Shoor,Dr. K. A. Mukherjee,Dr. A. K. Saraf

Varicella Zoster Virus Infection inPregnancy: Current Thoughts

- Dr. Krishnendu Gupta,Dr. M.M. Samsuzzoha,Dr. Arunava Das,Dr. Bijit Chowdhury

Medical Audit :

Changing Trends in ServicesMarketing of Cataract Surgery :A Seven Years Retrospective Studyin A Kolkata Based Eye Hospital

- Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee,Dr. Malini Majumdar

Case Report :

Abdominal Incision ScarEndometriosis FollowingCesarean Section: Case Report

- Dr. Asif Ahmed,Dr. Barnali Basu,Dr. Arunava Das,Dr. Krishnendu Gupta,Dr. Bijit Chowdhury

A Rare Case Report of SebaceousGland Carcinoma of PosteriorAspect of Left Arm

- Dr S. M. Bhattacharya,Dr. Nanigopal Bhattachyarya,Dr. Tanusree Kundu

Journal Watch : Dr. Sudip Chatterjee

a) World Journal of Diabetes b) Annals of Internal Medicine

Young Doctor's Corner :

Case Report : A Case of in VitroSensitive But In-Vivo ResistantCulture Isolated Salmonella Typhi

- Dr. Pramit Kumar Bhattacharyya,Dr. Abhirup Chatterjee,Dr. Debdatta Kar


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