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Blood Bank and Components

Registration & Collection

Blood Bank Registration Desk
Blood Collection Couch with Blood Collection Monitor

Transfusion Transmitted Infection Laboratory Room

Bio-Rad Microplate Washer
Chromate Elisa Reader (4th Generation)
RRF Refrigerator

Serology Room

Table with Bio-Rad 12S Gel Technology, Rotary Shaker and Digital Water Bath
Table with Tube Sealer, Reagents, Microscope and View Box
Blood Bank Refrigerator for Whole Blood

The Blood Bank was started in 1996 to meet the needs of patents in this hospital. Normally patients/patient party are required to provide donors agaist blood supplied.  The Bank is open round-the-clock on all days and is able to meet the emergency needs of the hospital. From time to time, blood is supplied for patients of other hospitals also, depending on availability of stock.

Component Storage

Blood Bank Refrigerator for Conc. RBC
Thermo Refrigerator (-40 Deg)
Blood Bank Refrigerator (-40 Deg)
Blood Bank Refrigerator (-80 Deg)
Plasma Bath
Plasma Agitator
Digital Weighing Machine
Sterile Connecting Device
pH Meter

Component Separation

Cryofuge Centrifuge 5500i (Frontal View)
Cryofuge Centrifuge 5500i (Top View)
Laminar Airflow with Tube Sealer, Plasma Expressor and Combo Scale
Digital Component Extractor

With the help of Ministry of Culture, Government of India, a new Blood Component Separation Unit has been set up from this year to extend the services for supplying different components of the blood viz. concentrated RBC, Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Platelet concentrate etc. It has become an essential criteria nowadays to supply blood components for safe blood transfusion and also for fulfilling the exact and specific needs of large number of patients requiring transfusion.

A full-fledged paediatric medicine and paediatric surgery units with NICU & PICU is there in our Pratishthan other than general medicine and different surgery units. Hence it is felt justified that a blood component separation unit exists in our blood bank that facilitates easy supply of the exact volume and type of blood as demanded by the doctors for transfusion to paediatric and other patients.